Drinking Water and Pool Disinfection

Water is indispensable for all living things on earth, the source of life and living things. Most infectious diseases are caused by contaminated water and spread with water. The World Health Organization explains that more than two million people die each year from waterborne diseases. The main purpose of disinfection of drinking and pool waters is to kill pathogenic microorganisms that cause waterborne diseases.

NEUTRAL ANOLITE (SOW) – is an environmentally friendly disinfectant with a new generation water-based and broad-spectrum Anti-microbial effect, compliant with Biocidal regulation that can be used safely.

Anolyte-Super Oxidized Water (SOW) Features:

  • Active Chlorine 0.05% | pH 6.5 – 7.6
  • It is an environmentally friendly water-based disinfectant that destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi in seconds in contact environments.
  • The product contains many radical combinations such as natural (ClO2, HCl, HO, O2, O3, H2O2, etc.), and deionized water.
  • After application, it is naturally dissolved without turning into toxins.
  • The product does not contain alcohol, aldehyde, phenol and ammonium.
  • It is more effective and safe than chlorine used in drinking water and pools.
  • Disinfection process does not spoil the taste, color of the water, and does not leave odor and residue.
  • In the application with Anolit; water does not lose its natural properties.
  • Anolyte toxin is not effective.
  • It has high oxidation activity even at low concentration.
  • It does not harm the skin and human health. It does not allergy, it is environmentally friendly.
  • It does not cause skin irritation, damage and burning in eyes like chlorine.
  • It is effective against legionella and biofilm.

Hypochlorous acid is 100 times more effective than chlorine bleach as a disinfectant. In addition, hypochlorous acid does not irritate eyes and skin, unlike traditional disinfection with chlorine bleach.

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