Elevator, Grain Silos, Feed Depots

Applied Products

Soybean, rapeseed, sunflower meal, coconut husk, palm tree meal, flax seeds, cassava grains, sugar beet, ethen grains, corn gluten, wheat gluten, wheat bran (pulp flour mixture) corn, wheat, barley

Raw Material Disinfection

Neutral Anolyte provides great support in the safe storage of green-herb flour in silage. Neutral Anolyte prevents the formation of bacteria, fungi and mold during silage, prevents fermentation and ensures low silo temperature. While the raw materials coming to the enterprise are taken to silos; Disinfection with 10 liters of Neutral Anolyte per ton in the form of a spray using 5 micron nozzle heads. The application of 100% biodegradable Neutral Anogen reduces the bacterial load at the silo entrance of the raw material before processing and prevents fermentation by preventing the formation of molds.

Disinfection of the Water Used in the Enterprise With the neutral anolyte, as a result of the disinfection of the water at the entrance of the enterprise at a concentration of 0.3% – 0.5%, the biofilm layers formed in the water pipes are eliminated and the water tanks are cleaned from algae and microbiological pollution.

Preserver Used Ton Price (Euro) Amount of use (L) Ton Cost
Classic Chemical preserver 0,8 €/L 5 L/Ton 4,0 €/Ton
Neutral Anolyte 0,0020 €/L 15 L/Ton 0,03 €/Ton
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