Fruit and Vegetable Processing Plants

Fruit and Vegetable Processing Plants

Neutral Anolyte; It is an extremely effective disinfectant for washing whole and cut Fruits and Vegetables, increasing shelf life and offering safer products to consumers.
Neutral Anolyte; By protecting the nutritional values ​​of fruits and vegetables, it provides longer storage and storage times. It is applied to fruits and vegetables by dipping, spraying and fogging methods.

Electrolyzed hypochlorous acid does not leave any residue or odor and does not change the taste or color of the product.

Neutral Anolyte Application:

• In the utility water disinfection of the enterprise
• Fruit and vegetable washing water disinfection
• For disinfection of transport-transfer tapes and ducts
• Cutting benches, processing machines, instrument-equipment disinfection
• Disinfection of all production areas such as floors and walls
• Elimination of harmful bacterial burden
• Increasing shelf life with washing process
• Removal of pesticide residues
• For general surface disinfection inside the warehouse before storage
• In disinfection of the cases and equipment to be used.
• Indoor storage area for ambient air disinfection (fogging)
• Extending shelf life

Immersion method:

The immersion time should be determined according to the initial condition of the fruit and vegetables and the amount of rotten, spoiled fruit and vegetables in the batch.

Spraying and Fogging method:

By spraying and fogging applications, disinfection of fruit and vegetable surfaces is provided, and storage and storage periods are extended depending on the type of fruit and vegetable. During sugar beet processing, sugar loss caused by bacterial contamination in the diffusion cell can be reduced by Neutral Anolyte disinfection.

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