Milk and Dairy Processing Plants

Milk and Dairy Processing Plants

Neutral Anolyte; Thanks to the lack of toxins, in Milk and Dairy Processing Plants; The CIP system has been approved for disinfection use in many places such as processing benches, pipelines, transport systems and packaging. Neutral

Anolyte; It eliminates the biofilm problem in milk and dairy processing plants. It does not require rinsing after application of Neutral Anolyte which is 100% natural and safe to use. It is 100% biodegradable.

Neutral Anolyte Application:

• In the utility water disinfection of the enterprise
• CIP disinfection (Biofilm removal and prevention)
• For disinfection of surfaces in contact with water,
• For disinfection of floors, walls, machines, tools and equipment
• Packaging materials and packaging machines for disinfection
• In disinfection of transfer-conveyor belts
• Cheese production equipment, boats, cheese molds, etc. Disinfection,

• In ambient air disinfection with fogging-fogging method,
• In personnel hand, foot disinfection,
• Disinfection of Cendere cloths, tarpaulins and aprons,
• Disinfection of product shipping vehicles,
• Water cooling towers for disinfection of hot water systems.

The FDA, USDA, EPA and the Ministry of Health have identified the food and feed area as biocidal products.
Neutral Anolyte and Catholyte are suitable for halal cutting conditions. As approved by the FDA, disinfection and sanitation is provided by dipping or spraying method, and the shelf life of the products is extended. Hypochlorous Acid does not leave any residue or odor and does not change the taste or color of the product.

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