Egg Production

Neutral Anolyte Application:

• In drinking water disinfection of animals
• In disinfection of poultry houses
• In disinfection of the water system
• Disinfection of animal feeds
• In ambient air disinfection (disinfection in the form of fogging and fogging when the animal is in the coop)
• For disinfection of floors and tools, equipment such as floor, wall
• In the disinfection of the cases
• For disinfection of all transport and shipping vehicles
• Personnel hand, foot disinfection

Catholyte Application:

• It is used for cleaning the safes, floors, surfaces, tools, tools and equipment.
Katoj that; It is an alkaline cleaning solution. It provides savings in the cleaning chemicals used in these areas by using the operating floor, equipment and surface cleaning.

Using Method:

• By adding 1.5% – 5% dose to drinking water.
• Fogging in poultry-free poultry houses
• By disinfecting animal feed


• Protection against viruses, including Avian Enfluanza (Avian flu).
• Poultry metabolism is strengthened.
• Increased total weights of slaughtered chickens.
• Feed efficiency is improved and feed amount is reduced.
• It strengthens the immune systems of animals.
• The smell of feces disappears.
• It extends the shelf life of the products.
• The spawning efficiency of the animals increases to 90% on average.
• It increases the shelf life of the produced egg.
• Laying life of egg chickens is prolonged.

The FDA, USDA, EPA and the Ministry of Health have identified the food and feed area as biocidal products.
Neutral Anolyte and Catholyte are suitable for halal cutting conditions. As approved by the FDA, disinfection and sanitation is provided by dipping or spraying method, and the shelf life of the products is extended. Hypochlorous Acid does not leave any residue or odor and does not change the taste or color of the product.

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