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Electrochemical Activated Solutions


It has a spectrum of action on Bacteria, Virus, Fungus. It is 100% effective on all pathogens.


Produce your natural disinfectant yourself, making a long-term contribution to your budget – you get it in less than 25 cents per liter


It does not leave any residue and toxins, does not require rinsing. It is not irritating. 100% biodegradable


It is a superior disinfectant that does not harm the environment and people. It is suitable for use with food.

Sectoral Solutions and Application Areas

Elevator, Grain Silos, Feed Depots

Elevator, Grain Silos, Feed Depots

Applied Products Soybean, rapeseed, sunflower meal, coconut husk, palm tree meal, flax seeds, cassava…

Fruit Juice, Soft Drinks, Alcoholic Beverage Processing Plants

Fruit Juice, Soft Drinks, Alcoholic Beverage Processing Plants

Nötr Anolit Uygulaması: İşletme kullanma suyu dezenfeksiyonunda CIP dezenfeksiyonunda (Biyofilm yok etme ve önleme)…

Swimming Pools and Hotels

Swimming Pools and Hotels

Neutral Anolyte; destroys all bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae without changing the pH of…

Hospitals – Medical Centers

Hospitals – Medical Centers

Neutral Anolyte Application: • Disinfection of patient rooms, walls, floors, bedding and living areas…

Milk and Dairy Processing Plants

Milk and Dairy Processing Plants

Milk and Dairy Processing Plants Neutral Anolyte; Thanks to the lack of toxins, in…

Sugar Production Facilities

Sugar Production Facilities

Sugar Production Facilities Benefits of Using Neutral Anolyte in Sugar Beet Processing and Sugar…

Hypochlorous (HOCl) 100% Natural Disinfectant

World Health institutions FDA, EPA and USDA have confirmed that Hypochlorous acid is a high-level effective disinfectant that does not contain toxins and does not require rinsing after application.
HOCL- Hypochlorous acid It is a natural disinfectant produced by the human body against microorganisms, therefore, the human body does not show any allergy to Hypochlorous.

General use for disinfection

It is used safely wherever disinfection, sterilization and sanitation is required.

Public Disinfection

Municipalities, public transportation places, gyms, schools, parks, garbage collection centers, water treatment facilities, mains water disinfection

Food industry

In food production facilities, machinery, equipment, disinfection of surfaces, reducing or eliminating bacterial populations on food surfaces increase the shelf life of food products. Approved for use in the food industry by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It is gaining popularity as a disinfectant in the food industry.

Industrial Disinfection

Against Legionella bacteria: water towers, aeration, against biofilm formation

Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions

Decontamination of endoscopes and washing equipment, endoscopes and dental equipment, radiology – wiping hard surfaces and decontamination of ultrasound equipment, hand washing, laundry pretreatments

Livestock industry and Farm applications

Irrigation against diseases (bird, swine flu, mastis, nail infection) irrigation, drinking water disinfection, milk, milking operations, CIP disinfectant, poultry production, irrigation and drip line cleaning V.S.

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Virus, Bacteria, Fungi Effectiveness99%
Natural Toxin Removal100%
Price Performance Advantage100%

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