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“Professionalism: It’s NOT the job you DO, It’s HOW you DO the job.” – Anonymous


EcoLyTech – a 12-year company focused on the disinfection and water treatment industry. We apply ECPA electrochemistry, electrophysical activation technology, which we invented, which is unique in our systems that produce disinfection solution.

Our Difference

With our scientific studies and technical knowledge, we have taken this technology further by identifying the deficiencies existing in ECA “electrochemical activation” technology.

In this technology, by applying the + (plus) electrophysics method, unlike the ECA technology, which is known as “ECPA electrochemistry and electrophysical activation” technology, we increase the quality, activity and microbiological effect of the solution of the obtained oxide, as well as increasing the working efficiency and life of the reactor, which is the main part of our devices. We were able to.

The disinfection solution produced by our IWT-ECPA devices is more effective than the existing disinfectants. It is scientifically proven worldwide that it is natural and free of toxins, costs 200 times lower and biocidal action 100 times stronger. The ECPA technology we have invented has been registered and is in 6 different patent-pending processes. These unique innovations take us one step further in terms of technical knowledge, maintenance and service, and competition in the local and foreign markets.

New Edge of the Hygiene Experience!

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Our Mission

We provide turnkey solutions in the food, beverage, medicine, healthcare sectors by providing microbiological sanitation, disinfection and providing shelf life extension, air, product, environment, water and liquid sterilization applications to our customers with the principle of “quality and reliable product / service” in European standards. Our goal is to provide cheap and accessible hygiene facilities all over the world by providing this in the international platform.

Our Vision

In the projects we carry out, we produce practical solutions that will respond quickly and strongly to the conditions in the market, taking into account the analytical approach of engineering sciences, as well as the social and economic conditions.
The service is consumed as soon as it is produced, but if the correct and quality service is provided, its effect is permanent. Our aim is to provide primarily applicable, economical, realistic, value-added and permanent services.

Our Values



Trust is more valuable than money


Need-oriented solutions

Nature friendly

Technology for the Environment


Innovations that everyone can reach

Technology and Innovation for Hygiene

  • ECPA systems can be easily installed to new applications or to your existing system without modification
  • Only mains water, electricity 220v, 380v, ventilation and water expenses are required depending on the model.

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