Meat Products Processing Plants


Bacterial contamination of meat is a constant problem. Transfer-transportation tools and conditions, preparation areas, packaging areas and machinery-equipment, cold storages and meat processing personnel of the meat to be processed are elements of this bacterial contamination. To prevent bacterial contamination-contamination of all elements in the meat processing chain; In contact with the product, disinfection can be made with Neutral Anolyte solution, which is 100% safe, has no residual and toxin effects, and is 100% natural.

• Disinfection of the water used in the enterprise, • In transfer-conveyor belts, • Instant rinsing of the packaging machine surfaces, • On the ground, walls of all business areas (production areas, warehouses, administrative building, etc.). • On cutting and joinery benches, shelves, machines and all tool-equipment, • For ambient air disinfection (can be applied as fogging and fogging while the staff is working) • Disinfection of product shipping vehicles • Personnel hygiene in hand and foot disinfection • In entry-exit vehicle disinfection • In ice making machines, disinfection of ice water. • Disinfection of waste • Extending shelf life

Catholyte Application:

On safes, operating ground, equipment and surfaces. Makes the product ready for the market.

The FDA, USDA, EPA and the Ministry of Health have identified the food and feed area as biocidal products.
Neutral Anolyte and Catholyte are suitable for halal cutting conditions. As approved by the FDA, disinfection and sanitation is provided by dipping or spraying method, and the shelf life of the products is extended. Hypochlorous Acid does not leave any residue or odor and does not change the taste or color of the product.

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