Fisheries and Fish Processing Plants

Use of Neutral Anolyte in Fisheries and Fish Farms:

In Fisheries and Fisheries Enterprises; It reduces the risk of infectious diseases caused by water quality and pollution and increases the productivity by reducing the related deaths. Therefore, by reducing the use of antibiotics, it eliminates both immune resistance against antibiotics and commercial adverse effects caused by high levels of antibiotic accumulation. It improves water quality, improves algae control and PH control in water. It prevents deterioration of the products in a short time and ensures the shelf life to be extended after processing.

Disinfection Application of Neutral Anolyte in Fisheries and Fish Processing Plants:

• In the utility water of the business • Transport and transfer tapes and safes, • In cutting benches, processing machines, tools and equipment used, • Floor disinfection of all production areas such as floor and wall, • In ambient air disinfection, • Hand and foot disinfection as personnel hygiene, • Disinfection of water used in washing fish from farms • Fillet processing water disinfection, • For disinfection of water used in brine and ice production, • Disinfection of storage tanks • Disinfection of waste

Catholyte Application:

Cases, operating floor, tools and all kinds of surface cleaning The most important benefit of using Neutral Anolyte; It is the prolonged shelf life of the products with the use of this ice after the products are processed after the produced ice becomes sterile ice.

The FDA, USDA, EPA and the Ministry of Health have identified the food and feed area as biocidal products. Neutral Anolyte and Catholyte are suitable for halal cutting conditions. As approved by the FDA, disinfection and sanitation is provided by dipping or spraying method, and the shelf life of the products is extended. Hypochlorous Acid does not leave any residue or odor and does not change the taste or color of the product.

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