Swimming Pools and Hotels

Neutral Anolyte; destroys all bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae without changing the pH of the water and creating chlorine smell. Neutral Anolyte; it does not cause skin irritation and burning in the eyes like chlorine. Since the filters are always sterile protected, the pool water passing through the filters is not contaminated again. Since the equipment used is simple, less labor and labor is required. Maintenance costs are significantly reduced since problems such as abrasion, pollution accumulation etc. will disappear in pipes, pumps and other equipment used. Expenses spent for pool disinfection are at least 3 times more economical than hypochlorite application. Pool water is effectively cleaned. No chlorine smell. No irritation to the skin and eyes. Accumulation in other pool equipment and pipes etc. No way. There is no need to use chemicals for pH control. It provides easy and effortless maintenance. Operating costs are extremely low.

Neutral Anolyte Application:

Neutral Anolyte; It provides perfect disinfection with a dosage pump at approximately 1/400 ratio and continuously dosing the pool water without any side effects created by chlorine. It can be used safely in disinfection of all surfaces and sports equipment.

Catholyte Application:

Cleaning of floors, surfaces, tools-equipment and tools (poolside, dressing rooms, showers, foot baths, toilets and kitchens)

EcolyTech Electrolysers produce hypochlorous acid, the strongest free chlorine molecule for water disinfection.

Values between 6000ppm for the pools and between 2.5-6.5 in ph value can be applied according to the demand and need.

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